Design considerations

Not a very exciting update, but I finished the master template of the body. I found that MDF is better material for a template because it is a lot easier to get the sides very smooth. But I will transfer the templates to plywood for durability (and the possibility of reuse without wear).

So the sides are smooth:

What’s up next? I’m thinking of throwing together a small and simple router table from parts lying around the garage.. that’ll make routing easier. But the oak table top I had lying around isn’t perfectly flat. So more on that later.

Furthermore I’m figuring things out concerning my design:

  • I have only room for three knobs but the Delano Sonar 2 has four. So I emailed Delano if it’s possible to stack the tone knobs (tone / bass), but after more than a week and two emails still no reply. I found someone else on the forum with the same problem but no report of success.
  • I’m still in doubt about the headstock construction. Angled back or flat? How to shape the volute? Et cetera. I’m currently drawing things out but no satisfying result yet.
  • I am waiting for an offer from an exotic wood supplier.
  • I’m pondering over a way to ground those individual bridges. I’m thinking of routing a channel in the body, covering it with a wooden strip (so the glue doesn’t get in) and then glueing the top on. When installing the bridges (and pups) I can drill into these channels from above and put the wiring in there.