Cutting the master templates

Yesterday I received the A0 copy of the plans I’ve ordered. Quality is very good, no deviation on both axes. Nice to see my bass in the actual size for the first time. Little doubt about the body size, it still is a small body, but I think I’ll proceed and see how it looks when I have the templates (and maybe MDF prototype):

Last time I transfered my drawing to the wood by cutting it out and tracing its contours. But I figured that would be less precise, so having a good copy of the CAD plans, I cut them out and glued them to 6 mm MDF and started cutting. Works like a charm!

This will be my master template. Because it is thinner, and softer than plywood, I can shape it better and it’s easier to get things smooth:

When this master template is okay, I will transfer its shape to a 9 mm piece of plywood, being the actual template.