All plywood parts prepared

Spent some more time cutting the tabs of the laser cut plywood parts in preparation to the build:

And then, the linen lozenge fabric from GTM in 1/3 scale arrived!! What a nice material that is! It’ll have to stay in plastic for quite some time though, won’t be any time soon I need this…

After three evenings of cutting and sanding, all the plywood parts are cut free, sanded and completely clean, ready for assembly. Now I can move on to the balsa, which is even more, but I think will be quicker still.

Next to that I also spent a lot of time figuring out what the cockpit should look like. Most say it’ll probably resemble that of a D.VII most, but I think there are a few import differences: the altimeter on a D.VII is placed on a strut, which the V.23 obviously doesn’t have, and I suspect the tacho isn’t in the same spot and the instruments are place further towards the pilot, because the V.23 clearly doesn’t have the open space between the Spandau guns, and if placed as far back and low as in the D.VII, the fuselage edge would block your view. That’s why I think the instruments are in the oval shaped panel (on the top) in front of the pilot. And the magneto switch could be on the left side of the pilot, as seen in the D.VIII and Dr.1. I need to do some more research on this.

Furthermore I think I found my pilot and Spandau kits, but I first need to be sure about the cockpit layout before I continue ordering stuff.