All parts cut out

I’m ready cutting out all parts, but did not yet sand everything. That’ll be my next step. The part count is impressive, but then again not too crazy for its size. Most of the formers, ribs and shear webs:

And the thin ply and thick balsa formers and fuselage sides:

Sorted all the shear webs. Sooo happy Ramses included those in the kit, cutting those to size myself would’ve took me ages:

And the ribs sorted. Parts are now sharing a table with my Valiant, bit of a space issue going on, but I’ll manage it:

Couldn’t resist mocking up the front of the fuselage. The design is quite self-explanatory; you don’t need the plans to see how the cut parts go together, also due to the clear part numbers:

Add some formers, and you’ll see it taking shape:

As you can see, everything is taken care of really well with this kit. I only found a few minor errors, but being a prototype, it really is astonishing how well this is designed.

Next step will be sanding the cut out parts, and gluing together all parts that are built up from multiple sub-parts. After that, I hope the rest of the wood will arrive, so I can start assembly!