Building preparations started

Small update, couldn’t resist sharing my excitement! I started cutting the laser cut parts free and cleaning up the edges. Only did the two thickest boards yesterday, but sanding the sides to clean up the burned wood for the glue later on took quite some time already.

The firewall is huge, isn’t it?

The first set of fuselage formers is ready. I think I’ll cut out everything and order the parts so I can easily find them and speed up the building when the rest of the wood has arrived:

The quality of both the wood and the cutting is very high, nice work Ramses and Berry!

And….! Christmas came early this year!! My 3D printed dummy engine parts arrived: (I know the rear cast housing is facing the wrong way and some rocker arms are upside down, it’s just a quick impression of what I ordered)

I found the print files on, which is an awesome resource! Only after ordering I noticed Teus used the same resource, didn’t spot that earlier.

The parts came out superb. Highly detailed, high quality and very light! It’s polished SLS printed plastic by Shapeways. Not cheap, but a huge help in getting a nicely detailed dummy engine, which is an important part of the plane after all.