Cutting the headstock

Learning for the Microsoft exam goes well, so I treated myself with some shop time tonight.

First, I cleaned up the endings of the veneers with my router, the part that will go under the nut and the fingerboard ending:

That looks better. So I measured like five times and drew the final headstock outline on the ‘blank’:

One thought crossed my mind before I was ready to start cutting up my blank… I didn’t test fit the tuners yet, only made the drawing on my computer.. what if they do not fit in the end? Better do a test fit first, so I used the master template for that. Looks good, tight, but I like it:

Cutting with a jigsaw is scary at this stage, no room for mistakes. I didn’t dare to cut closer to the outline than this, so I’ll do the last millimeters with a rasp before I’ll route the headstock to it’s final shape. The rough cut headstock now looks like this:

And a sideview. The veneers came out perfect, the scarf joint reasonably well, maybe a bit better than I expected and almost in the same direction as the grain, which helps hiding it in the end:

That’s it for today.