Upper stabilizer ribs done

Made some progress on the stabilizer. First I built the outer edges (1/8″ on the front, 1/2″ on the back) and then the crossbar. After that, I’ve cut all ribs to the right length and made the notches for the crossbar:

When the rib fitted nicely, I cut the slope in and glued it on with the stabilizer clamped to the table to ensure keeping the whole assembly as straight and true as possible:

All ribs are cut from balsa sheets. First using the balsa cutter to get the correct height, which is quick and easy. Then, mostly the skewed notches take some time, but it’s fun to do and so much nicer and stronger than straight notches of pre-cut ribs. I enjoy these scratch building parts of the build. When the notches are finished, I cut the slope in the rib using my scroll saw machine:

Finished all the ribs on the upper side of the stabilizer! I’m very happy with how straight and true it came out:

A few close ups of some nice details:

And for scale referenceā€¦ could’ve been a flying wing too if you look at it like this: