Firing up the engine!

What a lovely evening! Tonight I started my ROTO for the first time (or any gas powered engine for that matter). First I checked all the settings on my transmitter, throttle travel, choke, spark switch.. fueled the test stand, flipped the prop once with choke, turned the choke off, flipped it once more.. and there it was, the lovely purring sound of a happy four-stroke two-in-line engine! It ran so smoothly… and it didn’t stop until I flicked the ignition switch on my remote. Loved it!

After running idle for a little while, it already started picking up very nicely when revving up. The video below isn’t completely idle, just a few clicks of throttle, but it does run like a charm. It was a bit louder than I expected it to be, but running it underneath the overhang of my garage roof didn’t help at all, and even more so because I was running it in the corner of my house and garage, I don’t think measuring the sound level was representative, so I’m still hoping it’ll be okay in the end, also because the exhaust has to build up a layer of carbon inside for the optimal muffling effect.