Started preparing the test stand

I’ve once more adjusted the test stand for the engine, now for the last phase: I’ve drilled some more holes for the fuel lines and throttle pushrod, cut away the muffler template section completely so the muffler can vibrate freely while running in the engine, and I’ve fuel proved the front and side by coating it in PU varnish:

Now it’s time to plan installation of all the components. I’ll try to mimic the actual available space in the airplane as much as possible to prepare for the actual installation in the airframe. This is my starting point:

I’ve attached the engine again to start the installation of all components. Couldn’t resist sharing some more pics of the engine and exhaust from different angles. Here’s one from the top with the fuse side attached:

A side view, only about half of the muffler actually sticks out:

And, as a first, one from the front. I love those angles! It’s a very minimal setup, as efficient as possible, I hope it works as intended: