Custom muffler part 4

This week we also soldered the last parts of the muffler. The pipe for the connection to the front exhaust elbow now is attached to the muffler:

And we also soldered the interior of the muffler in place:

The muffler feels very rigid with the tight fitting interior installed, but very light at the same time, as it is built up from 0.5 mm stainless steel completely.

Now that the construction is finished, it’s time again for some cleaning:

Took me a whole night of sanding and polishing… starting at 120 grit all the way up to 1200 grit. But it’s a fun job to do and it certainly pays off:

The front pipe connection looks the part:

As does the end of the muffler, all nice and shiny. The inner pipe sticks out of the muffler just enough to be effective, without being visible from the side. I really like this detail:

And… it’s finished! This part only weighs 144 grams in total (without the front exhaust elbow), which is quite good to be honest. I’m really happy with how it turned out: