Awaiting the motor

While waiting for the motor to arrive, I’m fixing a lot of small things… some sanding, working out details of the battery hatch latch and designing the bombs and drop tanks…

In the meantime I also picked my servo’s:

  • Controls (rudder, elevator and two for the ailerons): Futaba S3151
    To get a more precise control, I want to use digital servo’s for all control surfaces.
  • Flaps: Futaba S3003
    For the flaps I would like to use analog servo’s, because I think digital ones would be overkill here and flaps need to stay in a certain position during landing and that would cause digital servo’s to continuously draw some current, where analog servo’s wouldn’t.
  • Because I will use ‘servoless’ retracts, the retracts also use servo’s – doesn’t make sense, does it? I’m not yet sure if I will go with E-flite or LADO retracts, but this will be irrelevant while choosing my servo’s for the airplane anyway.

The BEC on the ESC I’ve chosen should be able to handle those 8 servo’s well (a Hacker MasterSPIN 80 Pro).

I’m not 100% sure, but I guess this will be my setup.