Wrapping up the fuse

Last week I’ve sheeted the fuse bottom, here I’m halfway:

When the fuse was sheeted I shot this picture, showing the size of the fuse in my workshop, quite cool I think:

Last thing to be done on the fuse is carving the aft fuse block that creates the transition between the lower fuse sheeting and the rudder. I took my time to get it right, here you’ll see carving works very well on balsa (much more pleasant than sanding….):

When roughly carved in the right shape I taped it on to check the outline:

After a few more iterations it was glued in place and sanded smooth with the surrounding sheeting:

What’s left on the fuse is mounting the engine, but since I do not yet have my brushless motor, I’ll have to wait with that. But before I start building the wing I might first tackle some issues on the fuse that are not mentioned in the manual (like the latch mechanism for my battery hatch).

When I came home from work I was in for a little surprise, my varioProp arrived! A very nice quality product, can’t wait to see how it looks when mounted, the tips being painted yellow. It already looks the part though: