Fuselage fun

I started working on the fuselage this weekend, which is quite a fun part of the build. I started with pinning the main stringers on the plan and assembling the upper part of the tank box and the first two formers. I also had to glue some other parts (like the firewall). The tank box will probably become the battery box of the plane:

Then I placed the formers on the main stringers, ensuring they’re square to the building board:

Since I will convert the plane to electric power, I need to make a battery hatch in the fuselage. I will build this hatch into the structure so I can cut it loose after applying the skins. First, I’ve made two former doublers, one for F2 and one for F3. Those former doublers will become the front and aft sides of the hatch:

A bit further with the fuselage structure, installed all formers, the cockpit floor and started gluing in the stringers:

As you can see, I tack glued the former doublers for the battery hatch to the formers using some very thin ply tabs, so I can cut it loose later on by cutting the stringers inbetween the former and the doubler. I will also add stringer doublers to the outer edges of the hatch:

And with some more stringers installed, it’s starting to look like a razorback: