Sheeting fin and rudder

In order to prepare for the sheeting, I sanded the ribs equal to the TE and LE of the fin, glued in the rudder LE and installed the last rib of the rudder. Then, the right side of the fin’s sheeted:

The following step is to prepare the sheeting for the other side of the fin, as well as both the rudder skins. The latter can’t be cut from one strip of balsa sheeting (too wide), so I had to join multiple pieces of sheeting, but with some tape and the great aliphatic glue I have it’s a breeze and it only takes 10 minutes before I can proceed. This is the result, where the rudder skins are cut following the templates on the plans:

I really enjoy the building process and it surprises me how much easier (and better) the fin and rudder go together, opposed to the stab. The experience gathered really pays off and I think it’s a pity I can’t redo the stab and make it even better.. or should I consider another build after this? ;)

Here’s the rudder sheeted: