The nut

Tonight I did some minor things. Checked the profile and a few other details, and just thought about how I like it so far and what could be improved in any way. The neck pocket still is a bit wide, but if I wet the sides of the neck and the sides of the pocket (hoping to simulate the finish) it already fits a bit better. I would liked to have a very tight fit, but that’s a passed opportunity. I think the ferrules would be okay anyhow, without any support (tried to make wooden washers, but the result wasn’t up to my expectations), since everybody convinced me it shouldn’t be a problem. I like the profile of the neck very much and I think it’s finished, although I still feel others might take it a little further and have a more sloped profile towards the edges and maybe a thinner profile altogether. Mine is 21.35 mm at the first fret. Not sure if I keep it this way, but we’ll see.

Lastly, I fit the nut. It’s a bone nut, thinned out to fit in the slot. I removed the lower corners of the nut so it would fit over the binding:

This gives a nice effect; because of the matching colour, the nut and the binding blend into each other nicely:

Of course, it needs to be trimmed from the top as well, but I first wanted it to fit into the slot.