Finished carving the neck profile

Yesterday I did another carving session, concentrating mostly on the heel transition and volute part, but also on the ’roundness’ of the neck profile, because it was still too close to being square.

You can see the transition is shorter, more abrupt, going quicker to the round shape of the neck profile, which I like better. You can also see the shape improved:

This is how I carve the neck. I use my router table utilizing the hole for the router bit to clamp it on the center of the table. It’s not ideal, but it works. I need to make a jig for this next time:

And the finished neck from a few angles, only needs a finish sand. The second picture should give a good view on the profile:

I like the volute:

And the finished product!! I’m proud on how this neck turned out . I hope it plays well.

So what’s left to do? Mainly sanding and finishing, making the nut and soldering the electronics. Then there is some fine-tuning, and I need to come up with a logo.

We’re getting close!