Summer break

Just sayin’ hello.. didn’t make any progress over the last month, but I did not forget my build either. Just waiting for some time, courage and the right mindset to carve the neck. After that things could go fast.

I ordered my home brew (not by me though) wipe on poly in the meantime. So that’s sorted. Now only the to-stain-or-not-to-stain decision is to be made regarding finishing the bass.

I would like to make some progress, but life get’s in the way a bit.. been working on the house and having fun with my family .

Also, to be honest, I kinda lost interest. I’m sure it will get back in a while. I re-discovered an old hobby, model flying (and building of course). So I spent my free time outside, enjoying our nice summer, flying and getting my flight certificate. It’s going really great and I found an absolutely great club, I’m really addicted, honestly. But when it’s getting colder and less ideal flying weather, I will finish the bass.

I will absolutely finish the bass, don’t worry, I am pleased with the results thus far and I have all the parts lying around already. Basically, I think I own a great five string bass in parts with an uncarved neck. So it would be stupid not to.

But for now, I guess I’m having a summer break