Dots glued

Had some very busy weeks, so not much happened with the bass… but today I drilled the holes for the position marker dots and glued them in with CA. I didn’t take pics because my phone ran out of power, but I’ll prob shoot some tomorrow. The result is okay – it’s very, very hard to get everything perfectly aligned when drilling by hand (even with a drill press), but I guess I’m satisfied with the result. Only one is a few tenth of a mm off.

Today I also received the 16" radiusing block. So next step will be radiusing. Then, I’ll recut fret slots if necessary and do the binding, followed by the side markers. Apart from fretting, neck profiling and installing machine heads, the neck will then be done and I’ll move to the body to touch up the pickup routes and neck pocket. So we’re approaching the finish line, but at a very slow pace..