Fixed some tearout

Today I worked on fixing the tearout on the side of the neck. Last post you saw the tearout and the glueing of the wood chip. Out of the clamps, it looked like this:

I used the router table with a bottom bearing guided router bit to clean up the fix. I let the bearing ride the clean lower half of the neck next to the fix and got this:

That’s looking hopeful! Let’s take the sandpaper out!

Pfew, that went well. I think I’m happy with this for now. There’s a very minor line that’s still visible and two tiny scratches on the right, but I will leave it like this and take care of what’s left while shaping the neck. I hope that it still stays looking this good while shaping, because I will create a cross section of the fix so to speak. But from now on, it’s not a problem area anymore.