Gluing in the carbon rods

Before I was ready to glue in the carbon rods, I checked the depth of the channels a few times, made one of them deeper with a scraper and plugged the end of the left channel, because it was a little bit too long:

Then I prepared for glueing. I taped of the truss rod channel – don’t want any glue in there, masked the headstock for the same reason and attached a role of wax paper on one end:

I used slow setting epoxy from Araldite, gives you a 2 hour open clamp time, so no stress at all.

After applying a very thin layer of glue on three sides I carefully slided them in, wiped of the excess and rolled out the wax paper. I hope that this will be easy to peel off and it will definitely prevent that the clamping caul will get glued to my neck blank!

I used another neck blank as a clamping caul. I heard that such carbon rods tend to float out of the channel when using epoxy.. think I got that covered:

And I’ll leave it like that over night…