A new neck blank again

Visited a local cabinet maker today to get the neck blank planed and thicknessed. Before I went there, I saw there was some minor tear out on the blank, so I already new this wood was prone to tear out pretty easiliy. I told this to the cabinet maker and he especially sharpened the blade of the planer for me before feeding the piece through, but despite all efforts (different directions, taking off more or less wood at the same time et cetera) the end result was this:

Only a drum sander could fix this, but I do not have access to that and they’re pretty expensive around here.

So, the cabinet maker offered me a piece of regular plain sawn maple, good price and he planed it to the right thickness for me. Would be my third neck blank for this bass, not particularly lucky with that…

This is it:

And the other side:

It’s a very nice piece of plain maple, it even has got some subtle flames in it.

In the meantime I’m working on my scarf joint jigs….