The control cavity

After ‘planing’ the cover, cutting and then routing it to the right size I got this:

I needed the cover first, so I would know how thick it turned out, being able to route the recess to the exact same depth so that the cover would sit perfectly flush with the body. Time to align the control cavity on the body:

Removed almost all of the wood with my jigsaw (did I already mention I want a band saw?):

And after routing against my templates the control cavity was finished:

And, more importantly, with the matching cover in place.. I’m rather happy with the grain selection – it’s from a different part of the blank, but it fits pretty well. Also, the gap is quite consistent around the cover:

Now I’m ready to glue on the top and veneer (didn’t to that yet because my router bits aren’t tall enough, so I needed to be able to reach the cavity from both sides), but first I have to ‘plane’ the top to the desired thickness.