Wood preview

Today I received pictures from the wood supplier, these are the pieces he picked before planing them to the size I ordered.

The swamp ash body core:

And this is the macassar ebony fingerboard blank on the hard rock maple neck blank:

That’s gonna be a very good looking fingerboard!!!

Then I proceeded with the neck pocket. I added pieces of tape where it was too wide, until I got a tight fit:

I’ve glued a body and neck print to a piece of MDF. This will become the neck pocket and pickup cavities (master) template. I aligned the neck on it so it’s perfectly in line with the bridge, clamped it to the table and fitted my neck pocket template around it. It then screwed the two boards together:

Removed the neck, this is going to be the final neck pocket route:

After sawing out the majority of the neck pocket and then routing it flush with my adjusted template I ended up with this *ridiculously* tight fitting neck pocket template:

So this is very nice, but it still needs some rework, because I guess there’s no room for a finish anymore… but as far as I consider, I’m on a roll !