A new bass design

I’ve finished my new design! Again, it came out to be a lot of work to create a good looking and practical design. But I think I did it! I like this design a lot better than the previous one. It’s unique, funky and a good one too. Special features are completely straight string paths, a multi-scale fretboard with exact fret distances for all strings and individual skewed string bridges that do not change the angle of the strings (and thus fret positions) when fine-tuning the bass. Also, the string distribution at the nut is an equal string-to-string spacing instead of center-to-center, providing a more balanced string distribution.

Paradox is a 5-string bass with a scale length ranging from 34.5" for the low B to 33" for the G string. String spacing at the nut is like a classic Jazz Bass, while string spacing at the bridge is somewhat smaller with only 18.5 mm between the string’s centers. The bass is especially designed for a DR MM125 string set. Pickups are from Delano: The Hybrid 5 combined with the JC 5 AL-H Jazz Bass neck pickup.

For my second bass, I will probably use almost the same woods as the first time, but with a higher grade. Only difference is the body will be swamp ash instead of mahogany. I plan to dye the wood red with a transparent finish. The mother of pearl block inlays and pickguard combined with an ivory fretboard binding complete the classic and funky look of this design.

It will probably take another month or two before I can start building this bass, but I will keep you posted. This bass sure is gonna rock!