Reaming the wing tube holes

Tonight I spent some time adjusting the wing tube holes, to get them to the right size while aligning them on both fuselage sides. In this picture already halfway, enlarging the front hole from 41 to 42 mm:

And the other smaller hole will go from 25 to 27 mm.. not much of a change, but precise work, since this determines the alignment of the wing tubes. If the sides don’t match up exactly, the wings will not sit straight and that would look horrific. First, I’ve marked the new whole size and position:

And then I just sanded them to the right size, went well:

Checking if angles are perpendicular:

And checking the distance between the holes with the root rib:

After transferring the holes to the other side of the fuselage, I did another mock-up, this time including the wing tubes. Impressive sight, and surprisingly sturdy without any glue yet:

Alignment looks great. Did not spent any time on checking and final alignment, but by the looks of this, I think perfect alignment will be achievable quite easily. From the front:

And from the back, everything is looking sharp:

This is one of my favorite pics up until now, I’m really satisfied with how everything fits and the airplane really starts to come alive: