Matching up the sides

After a few evenings cutting and puzzling all the parts for the other fuse side are ready:

I will glue them in the same way as the first side, using Aliphatic and clamps, but I will leave the reinforcement triangles off for now:

I do that because without them, the frame is still a little flexible. And even when trying to stick as close to the plans as possible, you’ll always end up with minor deviations. The trick is to use the other fuselage side as a guide. I clamped it on my new fuse side with little clamps, to force the new side in the right position. Of course, it required some minor adjustments before everything fit perfectly, but that’s well worth the effort to produce a straight frame in the end:

As you can see, both sides match up perfectly:

And then I worked my way to the aft of the fuselage, matching up the sides step by step: