Framing up a fuse side

Meanwhile the lower longeron is drying, I started cutting the cross-beams:

I’m cutting everything manually using my Japanese saw, which works a treat:

Because of the size of the frame (1/2″ square) the angles of the cuts need to be perfect in order for the joints to become strong and straight, so I’ll take my time cutting these:

The upper aft longeron is glued to the main longeron with epoxy in a shallow angle, to accomodate for the right angle of the stabilizer:

One more joint:

… and I’ve finished preparing both the front end:

and the aft part of the fuse side:

All the parts are ready for gluing:

I will glue this assembly first, before attaching the bent lower longeron, so the construction will be stable, might the bent longeron put any stress on the frame, it will be counteracted by the rest of the frame being square and straight already.

But before I can start gluing, I need to thickness sand all laser cut balsa pieces to exactly 1/2″ (they are 13 mm because I stacked them out of multiple metric sized layers, because they are re-cut to make some improvements on the prototype – this will not be necessary in the final kit).