The nose job

The past few days I’ve been busy with former F0. It’s quite a stack of wood! 10 layers of three parts each, 1-1/2″ thick in total. As you can see, there’s a little notch missing in F0C, something to change in the kit, but I can easily fix this for the prototype:

Considering F0 will be cut and sanded tapered, I figured I better not glue on the parts that would be cut off anyway, to save me some work later on:

Which triggered the following idea: I’ve measured all layers of F0 in width, and cut them to the right size:

Leaving this pile of balsa… I already look forward to not having to sand this off:

And after a long session of gluing layer by layer with Aliphatic wood glue, this is the result:

I also glued all layers directly to F1. The plans instructed to do this afterwards, but when F1 is already on the fuselage, it is way harder to calm F0 on there, and this way F1 acted like a guide to glue on the layers of F0 perfectly flat:

And for scale reference, and because it is such a nice part, one more:

I’ve added one more layer on top, to match the drawing, although it wasn’t part of the kit and most of it probably will be gone after sanding, it still gives me the opportunity to shape the nose as I like it without running short on balsa..

In the meantime, I’m also laminating fuse sides, but more on that later!