Building a new workshop

Just wanted to let you know I’m still very much looking forward to continuing my Fokker build, but I was occupied with some work for the past year or so… we ran into a nice new house, bought it, moved, did quite some renovation, and I have to build a new workshop from scratch in our new garage. I hoped I would be back to building within one year, but that turned out to be a bit optimistic. But as you can see, I’m making good progress now, and I will end up with a bigger and better place to work on my planes.

The new workshop roughly measures 360 x 360 cm. I’m building it inside my uninsulated garage. Air cavity, vapor barrier foil, insulation, vapor proof foil and OSB.

The electric installation is temporary in this picture, just to have light and power during rebuilding. Will end up tucked away neatly inside the walls.

A panoramic overview to get an idea of my new space. Still relatively small, but happy to have a little more space than I used to. It will certainly suffice for building some nice new airframes!