On hold for a little while

Unfortunately, this build will be on hold for a little longer. I hope it won’t be for too long though. As I mentioned, a few parts turned out too small, others too thick. I checked everything and the parts that didn’t fit will be cut again! I must say it’s not an error in the design of the kit, but partly due to inch to mm conversion and partly due to the laser cutting of the thicker balsa, which burned away more of the perimeter of the parts than anticipated. But the solution is found and in progress!

Furthermore, I just received the other stock wood in imperial sizes (balsa, spruce, stringers and sheets), but this turned out to be incomplete and partly cut wrong (off by 1/2″ to 1″ !). So I have to wait for the correct sized stock wood a little longer too.

Until everything is complete, I’ll spend my time preparing, doing some research on cockpit and engine, and waiting impatiently ;) …