Joining the wing halves

I’ve spent my time on other priorities last three months, but now it’s time to pick up the build again!

When I finished the second wing half, I found two issues: the wings seemed to be twisted very slightly, introducing less washout than intended, and the retracts weren’t equally aligned, one sat a little deeper than the other one. I wanted to fix both issues before continuing with the build.

To start with the good news, when I turned over the wings, laying them flat on the table with the wing tips touching each other, I noticed the degree of washout was perfectly equal for both wing halfs! You can see the wing tips align perfectly well:

With the building tabs on the table, you can still see they hover about .5 mm above the table, but they are equal in that matter, so it won’t influence the flying characteristics that much. Maybe I can twist them back in position when putting the sheeting on, we’ll see, but anyhow I am satisfied with the result so far.

I then tested then wing halves clamped together with the right amount of dihedral, also a good fit:

For the struts, I had to alter one of the retract mounts, filing it down until the two struts had the same position, depth within the wing and alignment towards each other:

This is a close up of on of the retracts. They sit a little deeper than the plans suggest, but the fit is so tight that it doesn’t weaken the structure:

So with all those details sorted, it was time to join the wing halves. A very exciting task. It took me quite some time to get everything to fit properly, but when it did, gluing was a non-event actually: