A successful maiden!

Just a quick post to tell it flies superb! Today the Christen Eagle flew its maiden and it’s so smooth, docile and powerful at the same time! The plane tracks beautifully and is easier to fly than I thought. Only flew in low rate though. I did four flights today and already got to some basic aerobatics like loops, rolls, Hammerheads and a half Cuban Eight. The Power 90 really is sufficient, you can fly just over half throttle and on full throttle it seems to climb forever. Great for very large loops and Hammerheads. The only challenge is landing… the Eagle comes in very well and steady like a rock, but you should be aware of the Multiple Landing Syndrome. My first landing was good for a first, but ended up bouncy nonetheless. Second one was spot on, third had a small bounce as well and the fourth was okay.

I will post some pictures of the maiden once I’ll receive them from a club mate.