Side sheeting stress

Tonight I sheeted the fuselage sides. It’s not all that hard, but it ain’t easy either… it’s my first sheeted fuselage, the size of the sheeting being fairly large and thick too (3/32″), so it came out to be a bit of a stressful exercise, but I’m very happy with the result nonetheless.

By the way, I did not follow the instructions of using a bead of thick CA on the main stringers, working your way up the fuselage from the center out to attach the sheeting with thin CA to the rest of the stringers and formers. I try to omit the usage of CA whenever I can and using Bison Tix (contact glue) proved to be much easier anyhow. So I did a test fit of the sheeting (wetting the outside), marked the locations of formers and stringers on the inside, removed the sheeting, applied glue on both the fuselage structure and the sheeting and waited for 10 minutes. Finally, I rested the sheeting on the main stringer and rolled it against the fuselage. After the sheeting was attached I put some beads of white glue on the inside of the cockpit deck for more strength in this relatively weak area.

The fuse now looks like this, waiting for the stab to be attached: