Stab almost finished

Got some more work down on the stab and elevators. I finished the shaping of the tips and, after lots of pondering, I decided to deviate from the plans and cut the elevators in a more scale-like fashion. The plans show a simplified hinge line (straight without visible hinges), but it’s very easy to approach the scale hing line without any extra work. I’m still contemplating whether I’ll incorporate fake scale hinges though. Here’s the freshly cut tip with the elevator root blocks glued on:

Shaped these root blocks yesterday, which is quite a fun process. Came out great:

The whole stabilizer and elevator assembly is rather laborious (especially compared to the stick built flat tail feathers of all my previous builds), but the result is very pleasing:

Next up are the hinges, shaping the elevator LE’s and connecting the elevators using the elevator joiner wire.