One week in

Still working on the horizontal tail surfaces, takes a lot of steps, but all goes well. Got a fantastic tip from a fellow club member regarding sheeting: use Bison Tix! It’s a contact glue, applied on both sides and you can just press the sheets on after a 10 minute wait. No clamping, no curing time. It really works like a charm, way better than other glue types! Especially since it can be difficult to clamp the sheets in place to hold them while the glue cures when using Aliphatic Resin (my preferred glue for all other purposes when working with balsa). You could use CA, but I absolutely hate it.. doesn’t really grab well on the porous balsa sheets, while it does an excellent job gluing my fingers to my workpiece all the f***ing time.

Here’s the top of the stabilizer sheeted:

Prepared some more sheeting for the tail surfaces (including fin):

…and with the elevators sheeted too it’s starting to look pretty nice. Funny fact: with its 60 cm span it’s as big as the main wing of the smallest plane I’ve flown: