Let’s begin…

This weekend I converted my workshop so I could start building the Thunderbolt! I created a worktable from a completely flat interior door (easy, cheap and large), added extra light sources and cleaned up the mess from the Paradox build. This is my new worktable with the plans unfolded (still too large for my table):

Then, I unboxed all parts.. a pretty impressive stack of balsa I must say. The cowl (yes that’s only one half of it) also gives away the size of the plane:

I already spent one evening removing die-cut parts from the balsa and ply sheets, finding out where they go, marking them with the source sheet number and part names and finally removing them, sorting them in different stacks for the fuselage, stabilizer, fin, wings and cowl:

I think I need one or two nights more to figure everything out, before I’m ready to actually start building.