Carbon fiber rod channels

I’ve made the simplest jig ever, but very effective. I needed to route the truss rod channel and carbon rod channels, both of different width. On my previous bass, I’ve made a sled with guides to route parallel to the edges of the neck blank, but since I wanted to route the carbon rod channels at an angle, I needed something else. So I came up with this: make a template containing a 17 mm wide slot, use a copy bit (17 mm wide) and I’ll be able to clamp it onto the neck in various angles, route in a straight line and use different sized router bits:

Routing a test channel for the carbon rods into MDF:

That worked like a charm:

So I proceeded routing those channels into the neck. I may put a little piece of wood into the end of the top channel, being a little bit too long, but overall I’m satisfied:

And a close up:

I hope to route the truss rod channel tomorrow…