Back to the drawing board

After completing the neck template I noticed it didn’t feel the way I wanted, so today I tried a few different basses to make up my mind:
– Dingwall Afterburner (4 strings, fanned, banjo frets)
– Fender JB Deluxe (5 strings, larger bridge spacing, smaller radius)
– Warwick Streamer (5 strings, narrow bridge, large fb radius)

Conclusion: I don’t like fanned frets as much as I thought. Also, I like the wider bridge better, gonna stay with 5 strings and I don’t like banjo frets. The radius of 20" I planned is too flat and I am gonna go with a smaller (compound) radius.

Good thing is I can keep the master template for the body. I will of course store the neck template with the fanned version. Now I am going to do some redesigning…