Working on the rudder

Still working on the rudder. It’s not going very fast because this part has to be scratched completely, but also because I like to work in a steady pace while paying attention to detail. I have laminated the center block using 1/4″ balsa sheets and tapered it:

Then I cut it in pieces to fit them between the ribs and the control horn. As you can see I tapered them in a steeper angle than the ribs, to prevent them from showing through the covering while still adding a lot of strength to the construction. And I am happy with the fit too, it goes in place neatly:

All three parts finished, the control horn fits in nicely but isn’t glued yet, I will do that later when I will assemble everything:

Onto the transition to the edge, for which I again laminated some 1/4″ sheet. Simply sawed the curved shape out of the block:

And made it fit against the already existing construction:

Then tapered it, which created an interesting shape:

Times two, glued and sanded, I now have this (which still needs to be rounded to mimic a tubular frame):