Completing the upper fuse half

After a few more hours I’ve almost completed the upper fuse half. I only need to do the cockpit fairings, the cockpit sides and some filling with epoxy and balsa filler to blend in the tail, to finish this part of the build!

First, I’ve roughly shaped the fuse top block:

.. and sheeted the forward fuse top. The hatch fits in really well, I only need to do some blending in and figure out how to attach (and remove) the hatch. I could use magnets, but due to the shape you wouldn’t be able to get it out anymore (not enough grip). I’m thinking about insert a little bolt underneath the surface, so I could screw in a small handle to get it out. Updates on this will follow. But anyhow, the top’s nicely sheeted right now:

Then I shaped the fuse top block to it’s final shape. The spine still needs a little sanding by the way. Maybe I’d tweak it a bit more, but it’s already looking good:

I also cut out the canopy:

As far as I consider, it’s already starting to look like a Thunderbolt! The cockpit sides and the blending of the forward fuse top will finish it off I guess: